Wednesday, January 1, 2014

How to do a French Manicure? All about french manicures...

When I feel like I should do a nail art and I really don't feel like working hard to create one, but when I do need my nails to look pretty, I always go for the french manicure.

As we all know, many don't know how to use the correct technique to create the perfect look. Some use
Sello tapes, Stamping,  or some draw the tips using nail art brushes and so on.

I have tried almost all those methods and came up with weird results.
Here's a tutorial I did a few years ago in this blog where I first experimented the french manicure with sello tapes.
See the post here-

And seeing these pictures make me realize how stupid I was Three years ago..  I was small then OK  :)

So, let's get back to the topic, and thought tape manicure may give perfect results to some of you, it's actually hard. And using Cotton balls is A LOT easier..

What do you need.
A white nail polish
Cotton balls
Nail polish remover
A top coat.

(1) This is the picture of my naked nails.. See the nail tips are yellow..  :W

(2) Take the white nail polish and apply it on the tip of your nails,

(3) You can apply it all the way down near to the middle of your nail.
Then take the nail polish remover, take a small piece of your cotton ball and start removing the excess nail polish from the bottom of your nails towards up.

Stop as you feel like it's the right size of the french tip.

(4) Apply top coat and then you are done!

Try this lovely tutorial at home and share the results with me in Pinkii Life facebook page.
How do you normally do your french manicure?

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