Sunday, January 5, 2014

How to bake a basic butter cake : Master the art

Hey guys,
My mom makes awesome cakes and I really wanted to learn making cakes. So here's a tutorial of how to master at baking the basic butter cake.

Here's what you will need. (for a small cake)
❥ Flour 110g
❥ Sugar 120g
❥ 3 big eggs
❥ 1tsp vanilla
❥ 1tsp baking powder
❥ Butter 100g

First powder the sugar mix baking powder with flour and keep them aside. Then in a tall bowl beat sugar and butter for about 10 mins using a beater until they are creamy.

Then add the three eggs, It's better if you beat them before putting it to the bowl, and beat well. And add vanilla to the mixture

Then slowly, start adding flour and beat until it's fluffy. Remember beating is the way to get a smooth fluffy cake at the end.

After beating finally it should look like this. When you pour it to the tray, the mixture should be very smooth.

Then bake in the oven for about half an hour (if it's a small cake) at the temperature of 350 degree Celsius.
You will definitely know when it's baked as the cake will turn brown and you will feel the aroma :)

It's golden brown and tastes wonderful. 
You can decorate your basic buttercake with cream and chocolate and it will taste even more delicious!


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