Wednesday, July 18, 2012

How to hold a blog giveaway, make your giveaway popular

A Giveaway is a wonderful word in the world of blogging. A person can simply join the giveaway by completing the entries and if she wins, she will get a nice prize from that blogger. I personally LOVE to join giveaways, and I have won a few giveaways too. 
If you also love to join to giveaways, you might have experienced some difficulties when joining some giveaways... so these are the things that I think every blogger must do when they hold a giveaway so the participants can join easily....

Friday, July 13, 2012

Affordable Makeup Brushes Set from BornPretty Store

Looking for some cheap makeup brushes? I found Them !!! The Bornpretty Store is well known for quality and inexpensive beauty products and accessories and I recently got a chance to try and review their 7pcs makeup brushes set with golden butterfly case

The 7pcs makeup brush set comes with a nice golden butterfly case. It's not big and can be carried everywhere because of the small size.

It came in a nice big bubble wrap envelope and all the brushes and the makeup case were neatly covered and secured.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Handmade Nail Polish

Heyy Guys, Sorry I couldn't blog more often.. I was realllly busy and tired the last few weeks and I couldn't even turn on my computer ............(too much exaggeration :D ) anyway I'm back again and theses days I'm focussing on my English and I hope I will be able to write more good posts in future...

As you may know I'm a biiiig etsy fan and I love their products. But I never knew that they even sell handmade polishes, they are not really handmade, they simply mix two or three polishes and get a new colour out of them. I think they are so cute and these are some of my favourite colours..

This is the Pink and Black nail polish from- AquaDaisy

I love the colour combination and only one more polish of this type is left in her shop

Monday, July 9, 2012

DIY: HomeMade French Fries

Wanna know the recipe to make french fries at home? It's really easy and delicious !!!

1.  French Fries : )