Monday, February 18, 2013

Review: Cute Long Rabbit Necklace from Clothing Loves

Hey everyone I think you saw my earlier post  on clothing which is a wholesale platform and of their products. Today I'm going to do a review on one of their necklaces; The Cute Long Rabbit Necklace.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Nail polishes

Born pretty Store is the best place to buy cheap and quality nail polishes. They offers a wide range of nail polishes in their store. In there nail art section they have Acrylic Nail Art, KONAD Nail Art, Nail Art Brush, Nail Art Container, Nail Art Decoration, Nail Art Equipment, Nail Art Stamping, Nail glue, Nail Polish & related items, Nail Tips, Nail tools and I was amazed by the shades and the variety nail polishes they have and let's see what kinds of polishes they have.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Fab Elegant Hair extensions from The BornPretty Store

Hair colouring is now a major trend because it adds colour to your hair especially if you are bored with looking at the same old hair everyday in your life. But still hair coloring has some bad effects as it is capable of damaging your hair because of the colourants and you have to go to a salon to dye your hair professionally which is pretty expensive.
Hair extensions are the remedy for all those troubles as you can easily clip in the extension at you home and there's no need to worry about money as they are not very expensive. They last for about an year and you can just clip in and clip it out when ever you like.

The BornPretty store has launched a fabulous set of Hot Popular Colorful Straight style Hair Extensions which is only $2.02 each and now getting fabulous hair is just two dollars away !!!