Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Handmade Nail Polish

Heyy Guys, Sorry I couldn't blog more often.. I was realllly busy and tired the last few weeks and I couldn't even turn on my computer ............(too much exaggeration :D ) anyway I'm back again and theses days I'm focussing on my English and I hope I will be able to write more good posts in future...

As you may know I'm a biiiig etsy fan and I love their products. But I never knew that they even sell handmade polishes, they are not really handmade, they simply mix two or three polishes and get a new colour out of them. I think they are so cute and these are some of my favourite colours..

This is the Pink and Black nail polish from- AquaDaisy

I love the colour combination and only one more polish of this type is left in her shop

Twenty Ten Red and Blue Glitter nail polish from- TheHungryAsian

I Absolutely love the colour combination, It's sooo wonderful you must go to the link and take a look

Be My valentine Glitter Polish from- JENsation

This can be used as a top coat and I think the star shaped bottle is cute  <3

Purple Moon Nail polish from- LynBDesigns

This is another styling glitter polish and it looks really good on a black base..  The polish looks irresistible in the 
bottle : )

And Finally..... Let's see the best polish I found

" This is a bottle of fake nail polish pilling and forming an unsightly puddle. Not to worry though as the spill is made from a permanent, solid, resin material and there is absolutely no mess to clean up.
It can be placed anywhere, on a piece of furniture, a table, desk, carpet or counter.
Think of the fun you can have fooling your family, friends, and co-workers! The shape of the spill will vary as no two are ever the same "

Ok, and that's it for today, I hope you enjoyed and found some pretty polishes for your shopping cart today :D See ya next time