Friday, July 13, 2012

Affordable Makeup Brushes Set from BornPretty Store

Looking for some cheap makeup brushes? I found Them !!! The Bornpretty Store is well known for quality and inexpensive beauty products and accessories and I recently got a chance to try and review their 7pcs makeup brushes set with golden butterfly case

The 7pcs makeup brush set comes with a nice golden butterfly case. It's not big and can be carried everywhere because of the small size.

It came in a nice big bubble wrap envelope and all the brushes and the makeup case were neatly covered and secured.

This is how it looks when the case is opened.
There are 7 brushes (obviously : )

The color of the brushes is red and it is stated in their  website.

These are the brushes

1. Powder/blush brush
2. Large round eyeshadow brush
3. small round eyeshadow brush
4. Lash and brow comb brush
5. Eyeshadow brush
6. Lipstick brush
7. Small lip liner brush

And After all I think it is a good item to buy and it only costs $6.66

I give this product 3 stars from 5

Pros- I like the idea of getting 7 makeup brushes and and one pouch for only $6.66
Good for those who don't like to spend much

Cons- I didn't like the gold colour pouch much because of the glittery nature.
And The quality of the fiber in the brushes is not very good

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What do you think? Wanna buy one?