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How to keep your hair healthy and glowing

Hey guys,
These days, I've been worrying a lot about my hair. I loose a lot of hair when I'm bathing and combing and it has started to become a headache. Sometimes it gives me the creeps because maybe if it goes on loosing like this .... I might be BALD one day!!!!! And that, I don't want to happen.

Of course I know that I'm not gonna get bald, but you know, I love my hair, and I want it to be nice and healthy... So for the recent few years a lot of people gave me advice of how to keep my hair healthy. So whether it's scientific or not I'm gonna share it with you guys. Because we all adore our Hair

Fact No. 1  
Use no Heat. 
It's obvious that subjecting your hair for styling methods that use heating is bad for your hair. The heating tends to damage your hair, so straightening, curling, and even blow drying must be done carefully. If you can't survive without straightening or curling your hair, do use a good heat protection product to keep your hair safe. Or just minimize using them if you want healthy hair.

Fact No. 2
It's simple, just comb
Did you know that combing your hair is also kind of a hair treatment?
Because combing hair not only removes tangles but also spreads the natural oil in your scalp to the hair tips. Also as you comb your hair with your hair brush it massages your head too.

Fact No.3
Oil is good
I always hated applying oil on my hair because it's sooo oily. And I was always worried of the natural oil on my hair and tried to shampoo them all out. But now I know that natural oil is essential for your hair to be healthy and don't wash them all out. 

Fact No.4
Always keep your hair clean. 
Wash your hair regularly, but don't do it everyday. Skip a day and Use a good, mild  shampoo. Throw away those cheap ones as they can harm your hair, and it's better if it's a herbal shampoo. Don't let the dust and other substances ruin your head and your hair, cover it with a hat when walking in dusty streets.

Fact No.5 
The hair brush
I have used a lot of hair combs and brushes and now I only use paddle or cushion brushes with soft bristles. And Cushion brushes are my favourite. They they soft and glides through the tangles unlike the other brushes.
I hate the ordinary combs and NEVER use it for combing my hair. I don't know about you but it's definitely not my choice.

Fact No.6
Chop chop !
Cut your hair about two inches from the bottom at least every four months.  I've heard it helps your hair grow more quickly, which I'm not pretty sure about. But anyway it's a good thing to do ,as it may keep your hair healthy if it has bad split-ends. 
Fact No.7
Go for Luxury
Go for a oil massage at least once a week if you want glowing hair. It doesn't mean that you should always have to go to a salon. Just do it at your home. It's free. There are tons of website in the internet that tell you how to do an oil massage by yourself. Read them and try it out. It will give your good results.
Fact No.8
Caution! Wet hair !
Always be careful when handling wet hair as it tends to break easily. Do no EVER comb your hair when it's wet. Wait until it's completely dry. Try to bathe at the daytime and not in the evening, and dry your hair completely before sleeping.

Fact No.9
Hair styles do matter
Wearing you hair tightly all day long is also bad for your hair. Always let it go free. Avoid tight pony tails and loose them a bit if you feel it's too tight. Save your hair and your day from headaches.

Fact No.10
You are what you eat.
Always remember to eat healthy food. Avoid junk food if you want a healthy hair. Eat more protein, and iron rich food like eggs and vegetables. 

Hope this helped you..
Is there anything you know to keep your hair healthy?
I would love to know.


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