Sunday, January 12, 2014

Make Your own Dotting Tools : DIY

Wanna create this awesome nail art?

You really don't need to buy dotting tools for that. Just make your own dotting tools.

Here are a few alternatives that work well just as the nail art dotting tools. They come in different sizes, so you can keep a supply of these four tools with you to create nail arts as you like.

No 1- Pins

Pins are everywhere, so if you could find a pin somewhere, use it as a dotting tool. Pins with a round edge work best as dotting tools

No 2- Stylus
Guess what, a stylus would do well as a dotting tool. It's round end will help you create big dots

No 3-  Tooth Picks
 The edge of a tooth pic is also available for nail arts, if you learn the art of handling it

No 4- Bobby Pins
As my friend recommended me, bobby pins work the best for her. She has created a lovely leopard nail art from bobby pins and that was absolutely gorgeous!



  1. Such a Cute Blog
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  2. Very cute pattern and very creative to use pins.


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