Wednesday, February 5, 2014

45 Patterns Stamping set

Hello everyone!
Today I'm going to tell you about a wonderful stamping plate which has 45 patterns in it. And most importantly, it's only $1.99 at this moment  as the is giving a discount.

So, here's a picture of the stamping plate and I must say it was REALLY hard to take a picture. The surface of the stamping plate is almost like a mirror and it reflects the camera every SINGLE time I try to take a picture of it..

You guys should excuse my dusty and weird pics. As I took the image by crawling under my desk. Because it was dark there , and so it didn't reflect back my camera, and me...  :D

Now if you are buying this, this is something you should know about. The stamper has a think film of polythene to stop the plate from getting scratched.... So don't worry and panick, as I did.

Simply remove the polythene and you are good to go!
I love this plate as you get a lot of designs just for $1.99  It's actually a wonderful deal

And if you didn't know, you are supposed to use the stamping plate with these items, that help you to scrape the excess polish and then stamp the image on to your nail.

Here's an after image

So, if you want to buy this awesome 45 pattern stamping plate, 
Hurry and buy it for 
Before the deal expires
You wanna get it an an even LOWER price?
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  1. 45 patterns in 1.99 dollars.....not a bad deal....loved it....xoxoxo...:)

  2. oh.wonderful!
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