Friday, February 7, 2014

Eiffel Tower Tote Bag

Everybody loves totes, and especially when it's cute and trendy people LOVE them!
So here's the item a Trendy Eiffel tower tote bag sent to me form the

If you could ignore my highly slanted photograph :) you'll see how cool and cute the bag is <3
The bag is made of canvas and I got the Blue bag (there are two colours, blue and white), as If it gets dusty and muddy, then it won't be visible.

The canvas is hard and durable, and will stand your day to day random attacks!
It is 43 cm wide and the height of the bag is 33cm, excluding the shoulder straps

One of the best things I love about the bag is the printed pattern.
The Eiffel tower is very detailed, and is printed in black with the word "Paris" next to it.

I'm pretty sure you'll love this bag just like I did. The tote is not very big. Therefore it's perfect for those daily trips to the mall, to work or even to classes. I carry this with me to my classes, and It's the perfect size! And my books and my pencil case fits right in.

The inside is sewn with another more silky cloth, and has one pouch where you can put your money, purse, keys or even your mobile phone (If it's not Galaxy s3) :D
There are no pockets outside the tote.

And it was soo sweet of them to send this little Jingling thingy with the tote. I think it comes as an optional extension you can add if you want some music when you walk.
You can tie this in to the tote (I added it to the shoulder straps) and when you walk, it will start jingling !!!
The colour is wonderful as it contrasts well with the tote... <3

You have two colours to choose from...

So, you wanna buy it? I'm pretty sure you do
Hurry and buy it for 

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