Monday, February 10, 2014

The Heart shaped Leopard print Ring

Hey guys,
Here's another jewelry deal for you. Ever wanted to buy a heart shaped ring for $1.79? from ?Well here's the chance.

It took me a LOT of time and energy to search for a way to photograph this ring as due to it's hear shape, it doesn't stay in a photogenic way :)  So I just put in in between two pages of my "Sense and Sensibility"
I'm a genius ha !

 The ring is made of an Alloy and is gold in colour. Here's the back view of the ring, and you will see that it and adjustable ring.

It's size is 2.7*2.7 cm. And it's not very big though it looks big on my skinny fingers. It has a glass dome on top. And is cut in the shape of a cat's face (I guess)

The trim of the ring has a lovely heart pattern, with hearts all around it. It has this vintage look and it's cuute <3

Here's a side view of the ring. Here you can see the beautiful leopard print of the ring, which is in gold, brown and black colours. It's such a neutral colour, and it'll suit your skin tone and will look great on any kind of cloths.

Also, there are #5 different patterns for you to choose from. And with the valentines day coming. It's gonna be a perfect gift !

So buy it here

for $1.79 

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  1. Hi Pinkii!
    I've seen the leopard print ring myself, and even tried it on. Though it looked cool from the outside it was way bigger than my bony fingers(with the exception of the thumb, of course). I think it'd be better if they set up a size range to select from, for people like you and me!
    However, I prefer #1 and #5 than the leopard print.
    The idea of capturing the pic between the pages is awesome! I must try that out.
    I love to read your reviews, so keep on writing!

    1. Hey Cassy,
      Thank you so much
      Great to know that there are other bony people out there except me :D But actually even you can wear it as the ring is adjustable, you adjust it to your size easily and it will fit you !


  2. oh,It's really wonderful!I love it:)


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