Monday, February 17, 2014

Easy nail art stamping

I've found that instead of using the ordinary stamping plate and the stamper, the scraper and all those stuff. This stamping method is very easy and effective.

So, let's take a look at this stamping method,

The company send me this two nail art stampers to try and review. And I absolutely loved them.

As you can see, the stamps are carved in the bottom of the stamper, and all the images are shown on the outside with colored pictures.

They were packaged very nicely in these sealed packaging,, and in that way I think they are good to be stored very safely.

Also, using these stampers, doing the nail art is also very easy. You just have to apply polish to the carved side of the stampers,
Then rub it on a paper, so the excess polish will  go off,
And then simply stamp it on to your nails..

It's really simple and lovely,
And if you would like to try them... Here's the link

You can buy one for 



  1. aww your nails are very neat and pretty!~
    nice review! I would try them, but I'm horrible at doing my own nails lol
    please check out my blog?
    xx Charmaine || SNSD Taeyeon Mr.Mr. Makeup Tutorial [Click!~]


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