Sunday, December 29, 2013

Cute easy simple nail art: The Penguin nail art

Hey guys,
Here's a tutorial post form me after a very long time. I've been doing a lot of reviews lately so I thought that you guys must be tired of them. So here's a lovely nail art, to try at home
It's easy simple and at the same time... sooooooooooooooo cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute <3

See the cuteness for yourself.

awwww..  ain't it just cuuuute <3   I did this in the Christmas week but couldn't share with you in time as I was busy preparing the review posts.
So d'you wanna know how to create this nail art?
It's really simple

What you will need.
Four nail polish colours
Red  &
❥ Nail art dotting tools - 3 sizes
Don't have any  ? create them by yourselves.-learn it here
❥ A base coat and A top coat- for durability (but it's not a must)

Yup. That's ALL you need. nothing more..
So let's get started..

Here's the sketch

The head of the penguin goes towards the finger side and the body goes to the other side .( I'm not pretty sure if you got what I said, just follow the shapes, the head should go to the round side of your nail and the body should go to the other side.. :)

First, start by applying black nail polish on the top of the nail. you don't have to come down all the way, just stop applying in the middle

❥ Then, use some acetone and remove the black nail polish from the bottom to create the two half circles in the picture shown in black. (meaning the head of the penguin)

❥ Let it dry and then apply white nail polish to the body evenly.

❥Then, Put two big black dots for the penguins eyes
The anime looking eye is created by just putting some white dots, the bigger dot in the top right corner and the smaller dot in the bottom left corner.

❥ After that, colour the nose and the cheeks from the colours given, 

❥And then you are done!  

You can apply a top coat to make it more durable

Here's how the finished nail art looks and you don't have to worry, it looks better when it's not perfect.. see how the penguins differ from each other... 

I ABSOLUTELY loved this nail art and kept if for a Week! Which I really don't do when it comes to nail art and showed it to everyone I met.. ( I know I'm crazy) 

But trust me you'll LOVE it when there are five cute penguins looking at you all the time..

So, Do try it and send me your nail art in my facebook page. I will share it with everyone! 


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