Sunday, December 29, 2013

Online Shopping in

Hey guys,
I'm back with another review. This time, It's about my shopping experience with
So without further delay let's get started. They sent me a $25.00 gift card to choose any type of item from their shop and I chose two cute t-shirts.

The first one is
The Rainbows Sweetly t-shirt with lace sleeves

See, at the first sight, I knew it was the right T-shirt for me and it was.
It is mostly a plain t shirt except for the floral lace sleeves that give them definition.
The length is 65 cm, the bust is 98 cm. Meaning it's a little baggy, but looks awesome specially for teeny tiny girls like me.. I''m very small built and extremely thin (though I eat a damn lot of food :)
So I normally tend to wear t-shirts that are quite bigger than my size, so I don't look THAT skinny .. lol :)
Therefore this t-shirt suited me well !
The second pic in the photo is a closeup of the lace floral pattern in the hand, the colours are really sweet And so is the "Rainbows sweetly" text in the t-shirt, though I have a biiiiig doubt whether it's grammatical or not :S  What do you think? is it? But never mind.. who cares right..

And the second item I got was the
Lace Hem Spring blouse

I chose the grey blouse and they have two other colours, white and red to choose from.
This one looks gorgeous if you have the correct body shape, and it's 65 cm in length and is 136 cm in bust..
I know, It's a loooooooot right... That's because the blouse has the shape of a butterfly, I really have no idea of explaining it but when you stretch your hands apart,
here's how it will look

I think it's sweet and cute. And the lace hem is nice too
And finally, I have to say that I love them. They look so gorgeous when worn, just as the models look. And if you have the right body size it will look absolutely perfect on you. Specailly because they are made a little bigger than the average body size. In the lace hem blouse, I do notice a little minus point as though it looks awesome form the front it looks kinda too baggy from the back. Also the cloths don't have a good percentage of cotton; meaning if you are in a tropical country like me, do not wear it if you plan to walk in the afternoon.. cuz it's so hot. but if your country is cold, then it's perfectly fine. I also noticed in some websites that people have stated a lot of negative remarks about parcels not reaching after they purchased their items from this website so do some research always when buying online from any online shop. I got my parcel safely and all the items I ordered arrived in time.

Here's the link to the       website-
Rainbows sweetly t-shirt-
Lace hem blouse-



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