Wednesday, December 25, 2013

My first nail art SOFT stamping experience!

Have you heard of nail art SOFT stamping?
Well as you might Not know, I haven't tried nail art stamping before. Actually, I thought it was kinda dumb, you know scraping and all those stuff...
But the new nail art stamping thingy had all in one so I didn't have to do all the scraping stuff.

This stamper has the stencil inside, so it is made much easier for you.

In the front view, all the nail art designs are given and the stencils are in the back .
All you gotta do is ... apply the nail polish colour on the back side, on the stencils
Wipe the stamping tool ( the back side) on a paper, to remove the excess polish,
And then simply transfer the picture from the stamper to the nail..

 It was easy and the result came out nice too.. see, It's perfect for an unsteady hand, if you are soo bad at drawing beautiful nail designs.

Go to that link to see all the soft stamping tools they have and their designs.. 
You can buy one for $7.79

I ordered two items from their website, a soft stamper and an ordinary stamping tool.. And they both came in lovely sealed packets

This is the mini size plastic scraper and stamper you can get for $4.05


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