Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Fimo sticks, and Nail art

Have you heard about fimo sticks before? Well I only got to know of them very recently and the cute little sticks just attracted my heart.. They are sooooooo adorable :W

So, I here's the 50 pcs Fimo set

It's soo cute right and though all are not pictured here I got exactly 50 from them.. Some pieces are missing cuz my friends loved the fimo sticks and I had to give some away to keep them happy :)

Though it seems big, in the picture the sticks are actually very small , you can paste two fimo figures on one of your nails.. (yup it's that small)
And they come in a shape of a rod.. well after all it's a rod and you have to slice them to use for the nail art.. I used a blade and slice them in to the most thin slice to get the perfect nail art..

I love the sticks the colours.. but I just could not cut them properly.. well I'm NOT the patient type.. so I never could get the perfect slice.. It was either too thick or too thin :/
And I should say that it was kinda hard applying it too.. may be that was because I'm so not creative but anyway I kinda had a hard time tryna figure out how to make the nail art look better..

But, somehow it did turn out to be a cute nail art.. see the cupcake nail art I did.. (just ignore the others in my one and only nail art wheel) And I finally found out that you can't paste it like a paper on your nail... and it only gets pasted in the middle.. giving your nail art a 3D effect.

Here's another one.. I love this one as the colours match perfectly ...

They have a biiig range of characters from animals, smily faces, flowers, fruits, cupcakes and much more.

So, You wanna buy it?
The fimo sticks are not now available in Bornpretty store,
so you can get the fimo sliced wheel for  $1.52 

And use my coupon code to get
10% off


  1. Hi Pinkii!
    It's been a few days since I started using nail fimo, and have already become a huge fan of them.
    It's super cute when you stick a small slice on your nail. I usually do it on my toenails as I don't feel comfortable with little pieces sticking out of my fingernails :D
    I used the same fimo you have recommended, from Bornpretty. I think the greatest thing is that you can use one slice of fimo over and over again for a long time, until they become dirty and chapped.
    It's not that hard to slice it though; I used my new knife to do it and it came out fine.
    Anyway, I love fimo. It's great to have it on your (toe)nails, and it boosts my confidence ;)

    1. Hi Cassy,
      You are wonderful ! The idea of pasting fimo slices on the toe nails is awesome!.. why didn't I ever think of it.. I should try that soon.. Thank you! :)

      Pinkii <3

  2. This is a great little post. I've just ordered some fimo rods from ebay and I can't wait till they arrive! Quick question - do you find it better to use nail glue or just press them onto still-tacky nail varnish. Hoping to do a post on these seen!


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