Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The wonderful Owl Necklace from BPS

Hey people, I'm back! after a very long time. Well There was something wrong with my computer (again).. and it took a long time ....
So, I'm back with a post about the really cute and wonderful owl necklace

see, Isn't it just gorgeous? And the best part is you can get it for only $0.99 That's like the cheapest price on the planet and I thought I'd give it a try..
The necklace is made from an Alloy, and studded with rhinestone..
It's around 72 cm in length
The size of the owl is about 5 cm
and the weight is 25 grams..

I love owls ! (who doesn't right) they are cute, mysterious and elegant at the same time. So I LOVED this necklace as soon as I saw it..
But there's one problem with it, it doesn't have the clasp, the part where you connect the two ends of the necklace. It's just a big loop. Therefore if your head is kind of big it will be hard or mostly impossible for you to put on the necklace.

This is how the necklace looks when worn, see it's the perfect length.

The main feature in the necklace as I see it is the BiG Lovely Blue eyes of the owl.. It's made of rhinestones and it's sooooo cuuuute <3
Also it has nice fine features like the owls legs, the branch in which he is sitting on...

So, You wanna buy it? 
Buy it for $0.99 

And use my coupon code to get
10% off


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