Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Bgirl Nail polish set: Perfect for gifting

If you are searching for the perfect gift this season or searching for a cute present for your Best friend.. (if your best friend is  a girl) Then le'ts say this is perfect for gifting..
This is the Bgirl Nail polish set

See, It's a small box, filled with 4 cute colours.. I got the neutral colour set as I have a dark skin tone, but they do have a lot of colour sets.. pastel colours, summer colours and even shimmering polish sets..

You can easily wrap this box.. and your friends will be surprised to see four little nail polish bottles inside..

These are the colours I got ... They are kind of transparent, so you have to apply atleast two coats..
Colours from left to right-  ♥The first colour is perfect for a fair skin,, It's a beautiful orange
♥ The second colour is my favourite,, It's more peachy in colour with shades of light pink and light orange.. I absolutely love this ...
♥ The third colour is a light red, but it's a sooo transparent...
♥ The fourth colour is more closer to the colour of the nail.. perfect for a more natural nail art

The nail polish bottle is tiny and have 6ml of polish in it.. But the brush is wide and perfect for applying nail polish..
It is very easy to apply and dries up quite fast too

Here are the swatches.. I applied two coats here..
As I mentioned earlier.. the third polish is so transparent it only creates a slight pinkish gloss on your nails.
But the others are just perfect.

Here's a nail art I did with the second polish ♥ My favorite colour ♥
I just added polka dots and it's soo cute here.. Well it looks way better than in the photo..

So, You wanna buy it? 
Buy it for $5.99 

And use my coupon code to get
10% off


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