Friday, September 9, 2011

Super Easy Nail art Tutorial

                                     Easy Nail Art Tutorial
Ok, I was so unhappy and was so boaring as I  posted about other boaring topics in my blog ,But now I'm starting to blog about beauty and other things. Nail polish and nail art is my favourite. I don't have much nail polishes or accessories but I just use what I have and try to do a new design

And this is a super simple and super easy nail art
(sorry for my short nails-I just stopped biting nails few years ago)

You need                                                                          I used
A transparent glue tape                                                      CCuk Basecoat
A scissor                                                                           And expert White polish
A basecoat                                                                        (these brands are not very popular)
And a white colour polish

First you have to apply the basecoat and let dry
Then stick the glue tapes on you nails leaving a considerable space in the top of your nail
You can decide the amount to leave according to the size of your nail. I left the white color part of my nail

After that, apply white color nail polish on your nail. Don't care if it is on the glue tape too

Then remove the gluetape before the nail polish dries. Here you go this is the final and simple result you will get and  apply a top coat to protect it.

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