Friday, September 2, 2011

I won a Giveaway + Announcement

Hey beauties,
Today I made this post to tell you that I won from a giveaway. I did this post cuz I've never ever won a giveaway before and I love to win..
I'm soo excited and I want to show you what I won

 This is the goody bag I won from , they will hold more giveaways and You can join too (I'm not trying to sponsor this site)

And the Announcement. 
I'm not going to post about other giveaways in this blog as it will be a burden to you. So I will post the giveaways I join in this blog  so if you wanna know about giveaways you can follow this blog.

I would like to know what kind of posts you want me to do . YOu can comment below with your suggestions.



  1. I used to post giveaways, but found that it was cluttering up my blog. I just have a giveaway page now that I post them all on. I have thought about a second blog, but I think I would end up neglecting one. lol.

  2. @sarah it is a good idea to put giveaways in a page

    @lyudmila thank you


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