Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I won a giveaway and got the prize !!!

Hello beauties,
I already told you that I won a giveaway from GOTH  (girl on a thrift hunt) and after exactly 2 weeks(today), I recieved my FIRST  GIVEAWAY  PRIZE... :D
I must say I was soo excited when I saw the prize and specially the items were bigger than I thought. There were 6 items and here are the pictures.

The parcel was so simple and cute. And both ends were sealed by tapes, so the content is secure.

The most important thing about the parcel is, it is full of stamps !!! :D  There were 27 stamps pasted on the parcel as 10 on the front and 17 on the back.... ( I collect stamps, and I got so many  YAY ..)

All the items were packed neatly and cutely <3

I got
A mousepad
2 Be Happy fridge magnets
A cute purse

A cushion cover

And most importantly a lovely tote <3

Ok these are the prizes I won and I must say the best thing I love about this is
This is the first giveaway prize I ever won and
It's designed with BE HAPPY !  I really love that theme..

So thank you Lui for the very nice giveaway and the present..

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  1. im so glad you got it and you liked the prizes =) i had to lol at the stamps, i didn't know that, i think they added it at the PO. but then its great coz you like stamps =) cambodia has a lot of great collectible stamps.

    watch out for more cutesy and pretty giveaways from goth. Cheers!

    Lui of Girl on A Thrift Hunt


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