Sunday, November 23, 2014

Nail Art Essentials : Part 1 (Beginner)

Ok we've all learnt our nail art stuff step by step... and for a beginner, it's important to know the VERY basic nail art essentials you should always have with you as a girl.
I also started very slowly, taking time to realize why these items are important to do a simple manicure and here I am teaching you the very basics I learnt over the past few years.

So, here's a list of my nail art essentials. They help a lot in creating the perfect nail art. and the most basic nail art..

This is the Part 1 of my "Nail art essentials post", and here I will be focusing on 
Creating Nail arts
and the items you will be needing for that

Basically, You need Nail Polish (duh.. right)  But still I'm gonna add nail polish as my no.1
1) Nail Polish

There are like tons of colours out there, so you can choose the perfect colours you want.

2) Nail Polish Remover
The second most important thing is the remover. I'm reminding this as many people just go buy the nail polishes without realizing that they will have to remove it eventually or forgetting that their remover is over. I really don't like to walk around with ugly chapped nail polish on my nails, so I always make sure that I have a good supply of nail polish remover.

3) The Base Coat
Your nails might be uneven, rough and that will make the polish look quite uneven when you apply it. So the base coat basically provides the best surface to apply a good layer of nail polish. And also if you have this weird polish that stains you nail after applying it... I have one, and it makes my nails really yellow. What I do is I apply around 2 base coats so they protect my nails and therefore they won't stain.

4) The Top Coat
The top coat seals the nail polish you applied for a lasting and a glossy finish. It helps to reduce nail polish flaking up to a certain extent. I also use it to secure my beads, if I'm doing a caviar bead nail art,

5) The Black Nail Polish
I don't think I really sould be saying anything about this. You NEED a black nail polish.

6) The White Nail Polish
And also you NEED a white nail polish if you are gonna opt out for a simple glamorous French manicure.

7) The Nude Colour Nail Polish
The basic nude colour is also a must for a basic nail art collection, as whenever you are feeling the need to wear some polish but want it to be simple. This is the perfect choice.

8) Easy Nail art Stickers/ Water Decals
And finally, if you are still new to the nail art world and are still experimenting the nail arts, It's always better to keep some nail art stickers and water decals, so you can just paste them on your nails on a day you ruin your nail art. Trust me it has happened to me a lot of times. :-)
Or you can see my "DIY dotting tools" Tutorial to do simple nail arts.



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