Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Bicycle ring from Sammydress

I think many of us love unique items. Especially when we are choosing jewelry. I came across this quite different bicycle ring from Sammydress.com as they offered me a review opportunity

The ring is made of an alloy and they send you a ring with a random colour at checkout.
I got the silver ring and here are some lovely pictures I took with my new buddy.

I love to photograph jewelry as they are small and there are numerous ways to get beautiful and different photos. This is my usually jewelry shot. Inside a book !

It has teeny tiny seats a handle and a visible bell. I love the ring as it's quite different. I mean who else would buy a bicycle ring right? Therefore I think this catches the attention of the others :)

The size of the ring is very average and it fits well. And the ring is completely adjustable

So as you can see the ring has specific details but the detail is not very sharp. There are some places in the ring where the colours seem to be kinda carelessly applied. But it doesn't really matter as they won't show to the outside unless you observe carefully.

Overall this is a charming piece of jewelry for everday wear as a small cute accessory.

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