Thursday, July 24, 2014

Double Rose Elastic Belt Review

A dress always looks pretty with a beautiful belt. When I browsed the belt section of the I found this cute belt decorated with two roses in the middle.

The roses are made from Chiffon and the belt is elastic which makes it perfect to match with the dress you have.

I got the white one and after actually seeing it I think now I need the Brown belt too. As the colours are really beautiful <3

The belt is made from elastic and you can see how it looks when looked closely. It stretches nicely

So, when talking about the belt, it is 65 cm Long (but can be stretched up to 100cm as the site states) and it's 5.8cm wide. I actually like the width, it's the perfect size and fits comfortable too :)

So, here's the back view of the belt and as you can see you can just clip it to lock it. The locks ( i don't know how to call them :) work and are made very well therefore you can easily wear and remove your belt.

Here's a detailed picture of the two chiffon roses. They are excellently well detailed and you can see the layers and layers of petals inside. Also I really love to touch them as they feel soo soft and light :)

I only got the white belt to review, but  They have Four colours to choose from
Gray and

You can purchase the Double Rose Elastic Belt here
for just

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