Sunday, July 20, 2014

Rose Water Decals

Hello everyone,
Here's how the rose water decals from the looks like

They are really beautiful and looks like actual 3D roses. I think it is the pattern and the gradients that make it look 3D

So , you get 3 colours of decals when you buy the decal card. Brown, blue and purple.

And they have them in different sizes, and shapes so it will fit your nails better with their curvy edges.

I loved the purple colour decal and how it can be applied very easily than other water decals as it's round in shape. You can use any shade of purple for this and it will look perfect anyway

The middle two nails show how you can apply the decals, make sure you have quite big finger nails, as I could only apply them on my thumb nail as the others were too big for my tiny nails :)
The decal can be applied in an edge in the bottom or in the middle and you can choose that with the shape of the decal

Here's how it looked on my thumb. This is the smallest decal I got and it looks so pretty and soo beautiful.

This is the picture that was in the site and see how lovely it is
You can buy this for only $1.86 and you get around 18 roses in one

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  1. very nice! love the rose water decals and i love the fact that it is cheap! :)


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