Sunday, July 13, 2014

Dresslily Dresses Review

Hey everyone,
Dresslily recently contacted me regarding a review and after checking their site, I thought it was really lovely.
They have beautiful dresses and they are really cheap! If you just browse their chiffon dresses I'm pretty sure you'll agree with me-Chiffon Dresses

I got two dresses The

Sweet Style Lace Splicing Bowknot Embellished Sleeveless Cotton Blend Women's Dress


So, the products came within two weeks which was very fast when compared with the other orders I have received from online shopping sites.

This is how it looks, more like a baby doll dress and sooo cute. I think the colours really match perfectly

How it looks from behind

The belt. (it really matches with the dress, but I had a hard time trying to clip this :)

So, as you can see it's a polka dot dress and what makes it important is the lace top it's detail, and the matching polka dot bow which makes it look kawaiiii

Here's a closeup and you can see the detail in the lace. and how perfect it is with the cute little bow :)

I love the dress and the colours, the thing I don't like about this is it's kinda short, It's not very short but I'm really not comfortable with short dresses as I have to pay attention to the dress then, so it'll be better if it was a liiitle longer.
But most importantly the dress was only $8.94 which is really cheap, but please note that you can expect the very best quality for that price as the materials are kinda thin, but it's not see through. And it's really light weight, you won't even feel like you are wearing it :)

And then let's see the second dress

It was a floral pattern dress and the material is really comfortable, I just love the feel of the dress :)

I couldn't take a really good picture, but here's how it looks

What I love mostly about the dress is the floral pattern and the feel of it. It's soo light weight and fun.
And also it's soo feminine and pretty. And it's longer than the earlier dress too

So, this dress is also $8.94  Just like the earlier one,

Here are the links to the products
Dress 1-


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  1. OMG outfits are superb <3 wana follow each other dear? do let me know


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