Monday, July 21, 2014

Candy ice-cream cone nail polish

This is a beautiful nail polish I got form and it looks like a candy ice cream cone

The colour is very creamy and pretty, it's more of a pastel purple colour and it looks really yummy too :)

They have 12 colours to choose from and I got colour 33. One bottle is $4.01 and it contains 12 ml polish

As I stated earlier, it's a pastal colour, and the bottle is round like the ice cream scoop on top of the cone

Here are three shades of the polish the middle one only has one coat, and even one coat is enough to give a very cute faint puplish look

The colour is glossy and it looks different in different lighting. You'll see many shades of purple in daylight in fluorescent and in the yellow light of bulbs.

This is a picture without the top coat and sew it shines :)

And it looks fab with glitter polish over it. I used the ebalay iridescent polish here

So you can buy any one of these polishes form $4.01

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