Friday, September 12, 2014

Waist Belt and Scarf from Sammydress.

As I might have mentioned earlier, I got four products to review from they are reviewed in my earlier posts and here are the final products. 
I have to say that I absolutely love their backpack which is reviewed here. I take it everywhere I go now and it's absolutely gorgeous.

So let's move on to the other two products, the Waist Belt and the Pink Scarf.

Which is priced $2.92   
I have to say that I like the belt for it's price. It's around 1m long and 1cm broad. It fits me perfectly.
They send a random coloured belt and I got the red one. It looks like peach in the phto but It's more of a light red, thought I couldn't capture the colour properly in the photo.

The material is faux leather, so don't expect a shining strong belt. It actually chips and it does have a look showing it's price.

But overall it's a good buy for the price it offers.

The left images show the front and the back of the belt. You see it has these tiny holes which you'll see if you look closely. But they are not visible when worn.

I love this leopard pattern but due to the fact they send you a random belt, you never know :) But I have to say I do like surprise :D

And for the scarf, I love that! It's really soft and comfy. I love the feel I get when I touch it and I love to have it around me 

It's  light pink, grey and white, which makes it really beautiful and it's soooo light weight you wouldn't imagine how it feels.

It's 175 cm long and you know what It has a pattern of buildings. I never thought it would have buildings in it, but it's really nice to peep in and observe all the minute detailing.

See, I like to think of it as a village with big houses and tiny houses, a village with a small church and a mountain range behind it. :) It feels so nice!

So, you guys can buy the scarf from here-
For $4.34 

Oh and I also have to say that Sun, who contacted me from Sammydress was really sweet and patient. I usually meet angry, impatient people to deal with, but she was so sweet. Their shipping was also nice. 



  1. cute belt and really gorgeous scarf! :)

    xoxo, rae

    1. RE: hahaha! thank you! <3 and yes, i've been called "Merida" many times. hihi :3
      check this out: :D


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