Wednesday, September 17, 2014

DIY: Phone Cover Makeover! Tribal Pattern

Hello Girls,
This is the most awesomest, most beautiful DIY phone cover design. We all Love the tribal pattern and I thought that it would fit just perfectly to my phone.

Why tribal pattern?
Well this is the most important thing in this makeover. If you didn't know this I am VERY bad at drawing. I mean I can't even draw a proper flower with five petals as I'm really really really impatient. So I chose this tribal pattern as I think that is the perfect pattern where my mistakes will not be seen easily.
Ofcourse you can see the careless drawings and random lines if you look very closely. But you will never see them if you are standing a few feet away from me.
Therefore take my recommendation, this is the perfect patter for ANY one to transform your phone!

So...., to actually witness the awesomeness of this makeover, you'll first have to see the BEFORE pictures.
So, Here's my ugly, stained, yellowish silicone phone cover which is actually supposed to be White glossy and glamorous

I used to carry my phone inside my pencil case and it is the main reason to this utter damage. It was carried everywhere for two years inside my pencil case with all those pens pencils, carbon sticks and so on....
If you enlarge the picture, I'm pretty sure you will see the dust, the pen ink and other random marks on it.

Here's how to transform your ordinary phone cover in to a wonderful cover!

What will you need..
  • Some spirit or a cleaning substance
  • A permanent marker

First, clean your cover using any cleaning substance,, Even nail polish remover is fine if you don't have anything else.

Then draw straight lines across your cover as a base to your drawings.
* Hint- It really does not need to be perfectly straight ;)

After drawing the lines, you have to draw the tribal pattern carefully and I used an online image to get an idea of how I did it, you can see how I copied some pattern from the original picture.

And then, you are done!

You really don't have to worry about small mistakes and the result come perfectly. And remember, if you draw small and detailed patterns it will look more beautiful.

So I'm really happy with my phone cover! Now I don't have to feel awkward carrying it everywhere as it just looks perfect!

And also you can mix a lil bit of colour and make it colourful if you like. All you need is a white phone cover and a few markers/sharpies and the possibilities are endless!



  1. This is sooooo cool!

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  3. Fajne zdjęcia super wpis
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