Thursday, September 4, 2014

Trend: Backpacks from Sammydress

Backpacks are back! We see them everywhere now and they are perfect for almost any casual occasion if you like to go casual and comfy.

As I think any outfit would be perfect with a satchel/ backpack
Sunglasses and a
Shirt..   (according to the weather ofcourse)

And did you know that has a cute backpack for $9.53?

It was sent for me to review and I absolutely LOVE the bag. It's really cute,it has enough space to hold all my random stuff I want to carry, and I really don't think I'll have to worry about carrying my books in my hand anymore.

As I stated earlier, the bag is quite big and you can pack a LOT of items in. Therefore you can  carry the bag to school to a friend's home, shopping or anywhere you want to go as you can simply put anything inside and close the bag :)

This is how it looks, I'm sorry I couldn't get an asymmetrical photo :)
And There are 3 extra pockets (2 side pockets and 1 front pocket) in the bag.

The inside is sewn with a nice silky fabric which has flowers and hearts and it's really cute.
And you can see the space inside how deep it looks :)

1. Shows the backpack
2. Is where you can adjust the straps of the bag as you want.
3. The backpack doesn't have a zipper to close it. You can easily use this magnetic lock and just lock it in
4. There is another pocket inside the bag to put your valuables
5. This is the lock in the side pockets.. they were not very good as they need a lot of pressure to unlock
6.There is a rope kind of a think instead of a zipper and you can simply pull it to lock

So, Here are the pros and cons
I'm not a big fan of the colour blue and I wish it was something like gray or something else
And the side pocket locks do not look very reliable and durable to me

It's spacious, you can stuff anything you want inside.
It's cute
Looks strong to me
Light weight as it's made of canvas.
And after all, I love the backpack and I hope to carry it everywhere I go!

So, You wanna buy it?
It's only $9.53


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