Saturday, April 12, 2014

The Retro OWL pocket watch

I Know it's super awesome right, to have an OWL pocket watch! I totally loved it!

It looks gorgeous and majestic! I was literally jumping with happiness as I got it from
as I really didn't expect this to be this beautiful! For an instance, see the detail on the owl, It's eyes, the dots and even the background is beautifully done, and pretty much looks like vintage to me :)

The watch has the most beautiful patterns carved on it's both sides.  It has an owl on it's top and a beautiful design of flowers on the bottom.

When you first, see it, you only think that this could be a necklace or possibly a locket. It's made with bronze and
They send you an extra battery to the watch so you can replace it in case the battery dies.

The pendent is approx 2.5 cm in height and the chain is around 80 cm long. The watch is not very big and you can see the place you should press to open the pocket watch on the top. And the thingy beneath it with stripes from which you can change the time.

When I first got this, the time was different and I nearly died trying to figure out how to change time. All you gotta do is Pull the part I have marked as time , and as you normally do with your wrist watches and rotate it to turn the clock arms.
Even the inside of the watch is made with beautiful designs

This is one of the BeST products I have had so far from Bornprettystore and you also can buy it form

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  1. It's soooooo pretty......I love antique items.......xoxoxo.....^_^

  2. looks sweet but for some strange reason owls freak me out LOL

  3. Cute! I find out a similar one only $5
    and here are more owl pocket watches


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