Friday, April 11, 2014

False nail tips holder and hanger

If you are a big nail art fan and own a lot of nail polishes, you sure need to have a good makeup/ nail polish storage area. I have mentioned about makeup storage in one of my early posts which you can read here.

so, here are the false nail tips set sent to me from the to try and review.

It came in a nice package and as you can see, it is actually two sets of false tips which one part of the holder has 12 tips in it..
Making 24 tips in the both holders.

The two parts of the false nail tips holder can be attached. You can see in this photo that there's another layer of false tips in the bottom of the coloured tips.

It is numbered from 1- 12 in each sides, and there's space for you to write on it. You can either write the name or the brand of the polish used, or the shelf number of your nail art storage, if you are keen at organizing.

The nail tips are long, shiny and it's easy to do nail arts on them.But be careful with handling as the tips might break off from the holder if you put a big force or step on it..
 As you can see, on the first nail
 I added a coat of iridescent nail polish to a black base.
On the second, I added blue caviar beads,
on the third and the fourth I pasted water decals,
on the fifth, it's again orange caviar beads and on the
sixth, I painted a reddish pink base with iridescent polish.

So, if you have a sweet nail polish storage box, or a melmer or a helmer :)
And if it's hard for you to choose the nail polish you want from it..
Then simply hang one of theses on the wall with small notes, saying where to find them and you'll find you room and storage more organized.

So, own one of these now, as It's only

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  1. Lovely post and you have done an amazing the colors you did.....xoxoxo...^_^


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