Sunday, April 6, 2014

Nail art water decals: Sail on a ship

Hello Girls,
So, this is a post about a ship/ sailing inspired water decals. I know it's quite unusual as people usually tend to go for cute images. But this one also looks fabulous.

The decals were sent to me by and they were in this cute packaging.

If you haven't tried nail art water decals before or if you are new to this, you can see the description below on how to do your nail art.

So, here's how to do your nails,
First paint your nails with the coat you like

Then cut a piece from the nail art decal remove the thick film on it, and plunge it in water

Then after a few seconds, the decal will either come floating to the surface, or you can remove it by sliding the image slowly through the paper.

Then carefully place the decal on your nails, and remove the excess water..

And finally, blow dry your nail art.

It come out beautiful especially if you have long nails.

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