Thursday, April 10, 2014

Korean Ribbon Hair bow

I was obsessed with both fabric and ribbon bows lately, and I needed to try one

so when contacted me, It was a YES!

It's a handmade bow with three layers of ribbons
A blue one with flower designs and
Two beige ones, one on the top, one on the bottom of the bow

It comes with 3 types of clips, and one hair rope for you to choose from, and I chose the clip not #1
But now I'm thinking that clip no1 is not the best choice, and if you are going to buy, you should try the clip not #2 as It's a liiitle hard to clip it.

You can clip the bow in many ways. You can wear it with
A ponytail
A braid,
A bun
or with your hair just down as pictured above.

The hair bow with a fishtail braid.

The ribbon bow is perfect for my hair It's
10 cm length
And is light weight so you won't feel it as a burden on your head.
And especially I love the colours of it.

So If you want to buy this, use the link below

And get it for $2.92

Use my coupon code to get it an an even LOWER price
 get 10% OFF


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  1. It's such a pretty hair bow.....very nicely and neatly made.....xoxoxo....^_^


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