Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Nail art Striper Brushes

A striper brush is a MUST when creating awesome nail arts like this

A striper brush usually comes with the nail art brush sets (read my review on Born-pretty-store nail art brush set)

But if you are not satisfied with that brush you can get 3pcs striper brush set where you will get striper brushes with 3 lengths.

Here's a close up pic to see the different lengths

As you can see, the red striper brush is really short
The blue brush is a little longer
And the green brush is the longest.

Just as I got the brushes, I wanted to give them a try, so this is the nail art I did using the brushes
But It's kinda toooo boring.

I should try doing something nice soon.. :D

So if you want to buy the brushes, this is the link-

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