Sunday, August 18, 2013

Easy nail art: Cute blue froggies

Wanna do a simple and a cute nail art for yourself but you don't know what to do? well I think froggie nail art is the best and the easiest anyone can ever do, because you only need

Three polishes
Blue /green for the froggies
Black and white polish for the eyes.

What do you need?

You need,
Three polishes
Dotting tools 
Striper brushes

I used
Bornpretty store dotting tools-      which you can buy for $4.74
Bornpretty store striper brushes-   which you can buy for $2.57

But if you don't want to buy separate brushes, you can make your own DIY dotting tools

How to do the nail art?

1. Paint a base coat and paint your base colour (blue or green) as shown in the picture (it is the head of the frog)

2.  Then paint two big black dots on the top of the head of the frog, which will be its eyes

3. Draw a small mouth using a striper brush

4. Add a white dot on the big black dot ( make it smaller than the big black dot)
     And after it dries, add a much smaller black dot on the top of the white dot.

    Then add a top coat and you are done!

Try it now! It only takes 10 minutes or less for you to do this nail art.