Friday, March 23, 2012

DIY dotting tools

Dotting tool is an important tool in doing nail arts. If you love to do nail arts with the dotting tool, but don't have any, you can just make your own DIY dotting tool. There are a lot of alternatives you can use instead of an ordinary dotting tool. so Let's see what they are.....

1. Tooth Picks

You can easily find toothpicks around the house, but this doesn't create perfect dots as the surface isn't smooth enough.

2. Bobby Pins
These are a little better than tooth picks, you can stretch the pin and use any side you like.

3. But for me, the best is ..... Pins (I don't know what they are called : )

It has a smooth round edge and it creates wonderful dots..

Let's see what kind of dots can they make
As you can see, the toothpick makes big dots but they don't have a correct shape.
The bobby pin is a little bit okay
But the PIN, makes perfectly shaped dots and they look great.  And you can even do dots in different shapes.
So, as the pin is so great, I inserted it in to a tooth pick and made a little DIY dotting tool. Now it's easy to handle and It's cute too.... brrr I'm happy : )

I made this, using the DIY dotting tool above an it looks cute to me :D What do you think?
Do you wanna make a DIY dotting tool?

I'll tell you what happened to my DIY Glitter polish next time :D