Friday, March 16, 2012

KKcenterhk Translucent polish Review

Hello everybody,
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Ok...Today's post is about a translucent polish I got from the

Translucent Nail Lacquer, not solid color,
Look like jelly, a gel nail effect,
Let you beautify your nails easily.
Net Capacity: 18ml
Suitable For Every Lady

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First of all I must say I love the bottle. It has a cube like shape and the polish is in the upper part of the glass.

Specially the brush is big, short and thick, So it is really easy to apply polish with the brush as It covers a big area of the nail at once.

At first I thought translucent polish was a cool idea. But it doesn't look good on my nails as my nails are short and, they didn't get covered as I expected.

You really can't wear only one coat of this polish as it will only look like a transparent top coat.
I applied about 2 1/2 coats in this picture .

I applied 3 coats in this picture. 
But the polish doesn't dry as there are too much coats. Even two coats take a big time to dry and still after about 3 hrs, some places doesn't dry completely.

Pros: I like the bottle and the colour. They are nice. And the brush is really helpful.
Cons: Takes too long to dry, Needs about two coats to get a good look. It's hard to get a even finish.

And after all I don't think this as a good polish to spend money on, as it has so much cons. But if you like to try you can buy it here OUQIAN pearl pink translucent polish from

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