Friday, February 10, 2012

Iridescent Nail polish Review (kkcenterhk)

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I've been crazy about nail polish lately and here's another one.. This is one wonderful polish that will spice up the look of your nail.

I got this polish from
and you can buy anything like, nail polishes, wigs, makeup, eyelashes, jewelries and even cloths.

And they have magnetic polishes tooo.. : )

The polish is called "EBALAY iridescent nail polish"
and I got the EBALAY Orchid Iridescent Shinny Styling Nail Polish . I really love the color and the effect it gives to my nails.

This is more like a glitter polish and to get the maximum effect you must apply a darker base.

I only applied two coats and I quickly got a PARTY look to my nails.

A top coat is absolutely not necessary as this polish itself acts as a top coat and smoothens the surface.

I love the color, the shine (it glows as you move your fingers and honestly, I couldn't take my eyes off my nails

This polish really gave a good look to my nails, though I have tried glitter polishes before, none gave this kind of an effect to my nails

You can get an instant party look

A really fun! styling polish

Cons- Well, I don't find anything at all with the color, but the price seems a little high for me

You can buy this at kkcenterhk for $6.80

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you can see more photos at my Fb page 

What do you think? Did I mess up my first Swatch post?
Have you tried styling polishes before?

Disclosure::This nail polish was sent for me by kkcenterhk for consideration: Only my 100% honest opinions are stated here