Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The tagging game : wanna get tagged in ??

It's been about 6 months since I started this blog and I was really worried as I didn't have any awards.. or I wasn't tagged by anyone. But now I'm getting tagged by wonderful people and I love them :D

 Jen over at JenPonix tagged me to this game..

So for the tagging game, here are the rules:
- Post these rules
- Post 11 random things about yourself
- Answer the questions that tagger set for you in their post
- Create 11 new questions for the people you tag to answer
- Go to their blog and tell them they've been tagged

11 random things,
  • I love nail polish more than makeup
  • I don't wear makeup often 
  • I love sp0ngeb0b squarepants :P
  • I love cats and I have 3
  • I'm really afraid of dogs, as one tried to bite me when I was small :S (scary )
  • I am lazy, even to write a blog post.
  • I love my hair, which is black and I want to grow it longer
  • I really love music...
  • My favourite blog is chalkboard nails: 
  • I love to climb trees and to the roof top
  • I hate watching sad movies, cuz it makes me cry 

11 tageed questions
1. Would you rather be famous or rich? Why?
Rich. I think being famous is a headache.. being rich is fine..

2. If your a thing, what are you? Why?
A BOX.. he he just kidding 

3. Tropical or 4-seasons? Why?
Tropicall.. I live in a tropical country and I love warm climates as I get sick when it is cold :(

4. What is the biggest amount of money did you have in hand so far?
Rs, 10,000 not much 

5. What's your greatest achievement as of now?
Learning to drive..

6. If I give you a thousand pesos, how and where you will spend it?
I really don't know. I think I will buy stuff

7. Handsome&Poor or Despicable&Rich? Why?
Can't I choose Handsome and rich ??? :D

8. If you're going in an island, what are the 3 things you will bring?
Food, water and my bed for sure

9. Pluck or shave? Why?
None.. I hate both :/

10. What's your greatest romance fantasy? 
I find romance fantasies as dumb :P

11. What's the best ever present you received and from whom?
Love ! from my family

So, these are the questions I'm asking,
  1. Do you believe in Aliens?
  2. You are mostly scared of?
  3. The best blog you've ever read?
  4. Your favourite food?
  5. Hot n spicy, sour or sweet food?
  6. The animal you really love?
  7. The animal you really hate?
  8. If you wanna go to another country for a holiday, what would it be?
  9. Your favourite person?
  10. What do you think about this tag?
And I'm gonna tag 

And specially, If You also wanna get tagged in.. Please tell me and I will tag you !!!