Saturday, February 18, 2012

My first blogger award !!!

I got my first blogger awarddd !!! so, thank you full moon bites (I don't know her name :D )

Stylish Blogger Award(requirements)
-Thank and link back to the person who awarded you this award
-Share 7 things about yourself
-Award 15 or so recently discovered great blogs
-Contact these bloggers and tell them they won

7 things about me 
  • I'm  17 years and my birthday is on Feb 28 (Only 10 days more :)
  • I always mess up things
  • I'm learning French these days and loving it ! (I love the way the words are pronounced)
  • I love to read books a lot 
  • I think I can sing : )
  • And these days I'm struggling to grow my hair long like Miley Cyrus
  • I get soo happy when I see a comment on a post I did <3
I'm gonna pass this award to:-
  1. Chalkboard Nails                         (the best blog I've ever read )
  2. ***SWEEPSTAKE LOVER*** (I love her giveaways)
  3. Bubble Garm                                (she has the cutest posts)
  4. Ashley is Polish Addicted              ( I love her nail posts)
  5. I'm still thinking                             ( <3 Nail blogger)
  6. Jen Ponix                                      (sweet)
  7. Julie Ann Art                                 (she has a lot of giveaways and beautiful pics)
  8. Kawaii Barbie                               (she is soo sweet)
  9. Pearly N Kelly                               (wonderful blog and lovely pics : )
  10. Valentine Kisses                             (lovely)
  11. Who said life isn't a fairy tale           (Cute nail arts)
  12. Zoella                                             (she blogs about all the wonderful things)
  13. The first Lime                                  (soo creative)
  14. Let's polish some nails                     (great nail arts)
  15. The nail Junkie                                 (all about nails)