Thursday, August 1, 2013

How to apply Water decals and Nail art stencils

I recently got a lot of stuff from the Bornpretty store and there were a few Nail art stencils and one packet of Water decals

Let's first discuss about the Nail art stencils and how to apply them

As I mentioned earlier, I got six nail art stencils. Let's see what were the shapes

1. Butterfly Nail art Stencil
2. Skull Nail art stencil
3.Flower water decals
4. (I think) it's a base clef nail art stencil
5. Mickey mouse
6. Chanel Design

How to Use and apply nail art stencils

When placing the sticker on an existing nail polish layer, make sure that layer is totally dry.

1. Peel off a design you
2. Stick it to your skin a few times to reduce the strength of the glue (as if the glue is too strong, it will rip out the nail polish)
3. Stick the design on your nail and apply nail polish over it. (make sure the design is properly pasted on the nail )
4. Peel off the design from the nail almost immediately after you finish applying polish.

Then you will get a lovely stamped nail art. But the thing about this stencils is that it's hard to use them on nail polish as they just rip the polish out and the designs can be torn even before you use it, if you don't handle them carefully.

Now Let's see how to apply the Water Decals

1. Paint a background colour on the nail and let it dry.
2. Cut out the nail decal you want to use and plunge it in to water for 10-20 seconds (use mild warm water well)
3. Then you will see the design peel off from the cardboard, slowly take the decal out and stick it on your moistened finger nails
4. Sop up the water with a paper towel and blow dry.
5. Apply top coat and blow dry

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