Sunday, June 23, 2013

Simple and Gorgeous Caviar Bead Nail Art and how to :

Honestly, I never thought that the caviar beads will make such an awesome nail art. See the result for yourself
It's is lovely, simple and the most amazing part is that it is a really fun manicure to do, so I really recommend trying the Caviar bead Nail art.

I got a wheel from the Born Pretty Store and it was $3.33

The beads are realllllllllllllllly small, and the application is wonderful!

Let's see how to do it:
First, Apply a base coat

Then apply a THICK coat of the base colour you want (if you are applying black colour beads, use a black colour base)

Before the base colour dries off, sprinkle the beads over the polish. This is the most fun part and you have to be careful not to spill the beads and you have to be a little tricky too :)

After adding the beads on the nail, gently push them to make sure all the beads are fixed to the nail

Let dry a few minuts, I would recommend at least fifteen so you won't have to worry about them falling

But the Base coat is not mandatory as it kinda dissolve the colours of the beads, but it does ensure more strength.

When removing the beads, I think the best way is to remove the beads first, one by one , and then remove the polish

You'll ABSOLUTELY LOVE the texture and the wonderful little beads on your nails

Play with the colours and you will end us with wonderful designs and even with a little colours, the possibilities are limitless.

I HIGHTLY recommend this product and It deserves.
 10/10 stars 
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