Sunday, April 22, 2012

How to Use the Nail art Brushes from Bornpretty store

You Must have the nail art brushes, if you want to create lovely nail arts. But  all those brushes have creepy looks.. and honestly, at the first sight I got surprised " OMG they all look weird :S "

But, after testing them for about a week I could learn some basic uses of them..

I got these brushes from  Born Pretty Store,

If you like you can  buy them here,

Their shipping, packaging and everything is great so this set is highly recommended from Pinkii Life
I give them 5 Stars
And don't forget to use the coupon PK5X31 
to get 10% off when you buy something ......

Now let's see how to use these awesome brushes.... :D

1. The fan Brushes

Can create the background of the nail art wonderfully by mixing blending and layering colours.

2. The Stroke Brushes

Can paint the background of the nail easily and can be used to blend colours and even to draw.
As a special use, you can remove the unwanted nail polish from your cuticles..

3. The Angel Brushes

The angle shape makes it easier to draw small items like flower petals easy
And can be used to remove excess polish from cuticles too

4. The Striper Brushes

You can draw stripes of any length with these brushes.

1. The small dotting tool. Create small, cute dots
2. Flower petal brush. Great to draw petals
3. The drawing brush. Has a fine tip and can easily draw

And finally, The most wonderful drawing brush in the whole set. The Bended drawing brush (That's what I call it  :)
You can draw almost ANYTHING with this brush and as it is sooo easy to handle just like a pencil because of it's shape.

These are only a brief description of the brushes. So watch 

Finally, I must say that the 15 pcs nail art brushes are really wonderful and with a little creativity and practice they can make you a nail art professional

Buy them Here -  The bornpretty 15 pcs nail art brushes 
Use the 10% off coupon code PK5X31  when you buy something

Does anyone have this with you? Or do you know any different uses ?
 Let's Share them here


Disclaimer:: I received the product mentioned here for review from the company mentioned above. But all these opinions are 100% my own. I don't lie to my readers.

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