Thursday, December 22, 2011

Songs form around the world: A heart touching song ♥

A really heart touching song about the differently abled people and their thoughts: feelings. You may don't understand the meaning, but you will feel it in the heart. ( see below for the meaning )  Must Watch


Listen, lend me your ears
listen to the murmur in my heart
petals silky soft in all shades awaken in the meadows 
coldness of a drizzle peeps in to my heart
fragrance emanates form the virgin blossom
weaves my breath in to a motif...

Lulling and fluttering breeze
softly whispers in to my soul
why sorrow..... only joy
And love is everything
Infinite stars dispel the gloomy darkness before new moon
Are yours and all yours world brighten with that light
Is mine and all mine

Listen, lend me your ears, 
listen to the murmur in my heart.