Thursday, December 22, 2011

Guest Post: Feeling Beautiful despite a cancer Diagnosis

Feeling Beautiful Despite a Cancer Diagnosis
By: Jackie Clark

A cancer diagnosis can be a terrifying and upsetting thing for any woman. Being diagnosed with breast cancer, mesothelioma, or any other form of this disease can mean many hours spent in hospitals, where it is certainly difficult to find a way to feel positive, let alone beautiful. However, amidst discussion of chemotherapy, new treatments, or life expectancy, it is in fact possible for female cancer patients to find ways to still feel beautiful through beauty and fashion. And believe it or not, if you feel beautiful on the outside, you will find that it does in fact help to boost your morale and give you a sense of hope through this painful and difficult chapter in your life.

While it may feel easy to neglect your beauty regimen after a cancer diagnosis, don't! Despite the difficulties that you may be enduring as a result of chemotherapy or other invasive treatments, keeping up with your skin and hair care regimens will make you feel more fresh and rejuvenated each day that you enter the hospital. If you are sensitive to hair loss during this time, ask your doctor to recommend a good and gentle shampoo. Baby shampoos can be useful for this purpose, and they have a light and refreshing scent that is universally pleasing. Even if you don't feel like putting on a full face of makeup each day, you might find that a little lipstick in a fun and playful color will brighten your day.

Many women don't feel like dressing up for doctor visits, and your body may change as a result of treatment, leaving you unable to fit into your old outfits. However, even if you are stuck in loose, comfortable, "hospital friendly" clothing, it doesn't mean that you can't spruce it up with a fun piece of jewelry or a loose scarf in a bright color. These little details will help you feel more confident and beautiful during this difficult period, and it will help to brighten the moods of your loved ones as well. It's amazing what a little lipstick or scarf in a cheery and hopeful color can do for your overall state of mind.

Most importantly, remember a cancer diagnosis doesn’t mean you are any less beautiful. Feeling strong and confident are all things we can control. We might not be able to control a diagnosis but we can wear pink or nude lipstick and feel amazing doing it. Shine because you are a strong and beautiful person!

I hope you liked this post by Jackie, I feel like it is really motivative