Monday, December 19, 2011

Is pushing back / Cutting cuticles Bad?

This is a very common question that many of you might have. I also had the same question and I found the answer ...

According to How stuff works is Bad. Read the article here
I also personally believed that. Specially extensive pushing will be bad.

You use your hands so much throughout each day of your life that it's easy to take your fingers and fingernails for granted. Without healthy fingernails, though, your sensitive fingers would be missing their only armor against daily use and abuse. And strong, pain-free fingernails require smart cuticle care.

Cuticles are an oft-forgotten part of the human anatomy. This strip of skin appears at the base of each fingernail and toenail, sealing the spot where your nails connect to your body. As personal hygiene habits have changed throughout various cultures, many people developed the habit of cutting their cuticles. 

Most often, this practice is performed in an effort to improve personal beauty as part of a routine manicure. But many people bite or pick at their cuticles as an absentminded or nervous habit. Both behaviors can be problematic.

Your cuticles aren't a pointless part of your finger structure. They help shield new keratin cells from harm as they age and add length to your fingernails. The manner in which cuticles overlap your nail plate also helps seal the gap between your skin and nails. Without this seal, your fingers would be more susceptible to intrusion and subsequent infection by bacteria and viruses.

So at last, As how stuff works says, Pushing or Cutting your cuticles is not good for your health. So if you are cutting your cuticles I think you must stop it now. 

Do you find this interesting/ Informative ???

Extracted from How stuff Works article about cuticle pushing and cutting