Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Newest GIVEAWAYS on Born Pretty Store + Review

Born Pretty store is having giveaways for the new year and here is a review of the full site.
Let's first talk about the two giveaways they are having. Blog and the Facebook Giveaway.

The Blog Giveaway
                                                                                                                   The Facebook Giveaway

o, the Born Pretty Store was first about nail art and stuff, But now they are selling a various number of products. So the newest product is this Hello Kitty Glasses without Lense, which is about $4.31
Click to see Enlarged image
Now this is absolutely wonderful and it comes in various colors.

The next popular product among many people is the Nail art stamping stencils
They are portable,cost less  and specially CUTE.
Click to see enlarged

So form all these cute Items, What  I love the most is The Nail art Design Brush Set
This is really really really wonderful and you can do any nail art with this set. It is only $4.31 and this really is priceless when considering the use.  There are 15 pieces and with all these a quality nail art can be made. So this is the item I love the most

And their Two Way dotting tools are a must too. Now they are they have a pink one too. 

These are also about $4.31 and the most special thing is this is a two way tool.

I think I have told a lot of things about the store and if you love nail arts, you must go to

And, If you are buying something, don't forget to use these coupons.....

This will give you 10% off on every item you Purchase.

Reason: Opening of born pretty store!
Discount: 5% off the total amount of the items your ordered.
Expiration: 31st, Dec.2011

Reason: For all registered users on born pretty website, and didn't use this coupon before.
Discount: get a free Hello Kitty nail stamping plate (free shipping/handling too). Please click here to view the product.
Expiration: We will offer 10pcs per day for free, and will last a long time till 31st, Dec.2011.
(1) The coupon BP299 is dedicated for this product, you can not use it to checkout other items.
(2) Each one can use the coupon BP299 once, if you use it to get the free gift before, you can not use it again.
(3) We offer 10pcs free hello kitty plate per day, that means only the first 10 people who use the coupon can get it, 
if you can't use the coupon when checkout, you can try it on next day, we will update the coupon at 3:00am (New 
York Time) everyday.

So, what do you think? Have you ever tried any products form Born pretty Store?
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