Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Who won the Magazine subscription giveaway????

Hey girls,
The Zinio magazine subscription giveaway ended yesterday and I found the 10 Lucky winners of the giveaway.
This time I thought of using the old traditional method of finding the winner except using I wrote the names of all the participants and chose ten lucky people out of them, the participants who shared the photo got two extra entries and let's see how it was done :)

First I wrote all the names on small paper pieces

Then they were folded and put in to a bowl and the winners were chosen.

Let's see who they are
 Kathy Dolton - 

Laura.L -

Mercedes Yardley- mercede...... gmail dot com 


Charity.L -esterried[at]....[dot]com 




Kaleesha Hees- 

Nicole Clawson- 

So these are our ten winners... congratulations to you guys and you will soon be contacted by zinio .