Saturday, May 4, 2013

Charm Elephant Necklace review from clothing loves

Who loves bracelets? I do and I always go for cute ones. This is the bracelet I found on clothing loves and I loved it from the first time I saw it.

As you can see the colour combination is really good and the little charms are very beautiful. The bracelet is in white colour and the charms are golden.

There are about seven charms included in the bracelet and I think they are made from plastic as they are so light weight.

I love the coin and the elephant most as they are so shiny and sweet. But unfortunately the colours faded as I touched them. So fading colours is a minus point in this bracelet.

The whole bracelet is sooooo light weight and you won't even feel that you are wearing it. And it has to be wrapped around your arm three times as in the photo to be clipped. But your arm should be thin if you are to wrap it around three times as it is not that long. So I think this bracelet is not suitable for someone who is a little fat :)

Overall I think this bracelet is a nice buy if you are okay with 
and you can buy this bracelet from 
 which is a wholesale platform where they sell